Ocean’s Surrender: Blurb, Warning, and VERY Sexy Excerpt!

Hello Lovelies!

Ocean’s Surrender is out in just a few days and we have a blurb! This is a much more “traditional” romance than Ocean’s Touch, if, by “traditional,” you mean light bondage and a menáge including a supernatural shape shifter.

Woo hoo! Anyway, here’s the blurb:

When a lonely woman has lost all trust, it takes an otherworldly creature to restore her faith in mankind.

River is still recovering from the attack by an ex-boyfriend a year ago that left him dead, and her grievously injured. Damaged emotionally and physically, she is continually tormented by her attacker’s brother, who blames her for it all. Worse than his blame, though, is her own—River believes she was at fault for letting the attack happen.

Fen can sense River’s emotional pain like a beacon in the night. A selkie, he is compelled to help her on her path to healing, both emotionally and physically. Leading her on a journey to claim her own strength, he also helps her draw closer to Leo, the paramedic who saved her life that dark day…and who has never forgotten her.

And my favorite: The Warning Label

This book features an abus

ed woman, a man who wants desperately to help, and a sexy selkie who knows just how to heal what ails them all.

And just to tempt you with some selkie lovin’, I thought I’d give you a naughty little excerpt. There’s another excerpt here, but it’s a nice tame one from the beginning. Who wants that?? ;)

So I’ve posted a less tame one, here. It’s quite naughty, and definitely NSFW, so read at your own discretion.

And do please let me know what you think!

Writing Erotica: Revising Sex

In my Real Life, I’ve been talking loads about revisions all week, so that inspired me to write a post on Revising Sex. There are definitely a lot of things about revising a sex scene that are the same as revising a normal scene, but there are a few special considerations. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, most of these suggestions can also be applied to fight scenes.

So here are some tips for those extra things to keep in mind when revising a sex scene:

1) Count your appendages! A lover can’t have a hand on a nipple each and reach up to caress your heroine’s face. Unless you’re writing alien sex, or hentai, but then you still need to count, then account for, all of your appendages.

2) This isn’t Twister: Don’t have a lover sucking one your prostrate heroine’s toes as he fondles her ear. Imagine the reach on that guy! Unless he’s a professional basketball player (or made of rubber) he’ll only have a normal human being’s reach.

3) Don’t Euphemize: We’ve all heard a thousand times, as writers, not to be too repetitive. But there are only so many words for cunt before you step into the dangerous territory of the euphemism. “Her sex” is still sexy, but her “sopping lady orchid” is just gross. The fact is that erotica is unique from other writing in that dirty words are dirty for a reason–they carry a resonance. Studied repetition of a powerful word like “cunt” or “cock” will carry a special weight that accidentally using “brilliant” or “delightful” twice in a paragraph will not. So don’t shy away from some repetition in erotica, when it comes to those lovely resonant words that make us all a bit squirmy on the insides.

4) Cushion for the Pushin': Oftentimes our initial drafting of a scene is very bare bones, as we figure out what goes where (and how many times), how the characters got there, how they get out of there, etc. So second and third passes of a manuscript should be about building up all that gorgeous padding. In erotica, a lot of that padding will be sensory. So I might tell you that Dylan stroked over Meredith’s breast on the first pass, but a second pass may see me adding, “Dylan stroked Meredith’s breast, the nipple taut under his palm.” A final pass might see that become, “Dylan stroked Meredith’s soft breast, causing her to gasp as the rough skin of his calloused hand rasped against her taut nipple.”


5) Reaction Time: I’ve noticed that one of the things I often leave out of a first version is the other character’s reaction. I’ve got one diddling away at the other, who is a bit of a passive recipient. So I need to add some physical response, but also emotional and mental. Sex is extra sexy when it’s also about our minds, not just our bodies. So show some thought, some emotional reaction, as well as the physical.

6) Don’t Rush the Fucking: This is something I do a lot, as a friend of mine pointed out. Luckily he was talking about my fiction. It’s so easy to linger over all that delicious foreplay, but it’s a challenge, at least for me, to write the actual fucking. After all, there’s not really much to the act, itself. “Thrust and repeat!” I have the most success with this, number six, by using number five. So yes, it is just thrusting, but what are they feeling, during the thrusting? Again, make this as much about emotions and thoughts as about physical reactions.

7) Turn Yourself On: If it doesn’t turn you on, it’s not going to turn on anyone else. So don’t over think a sex scene. The fact is that sex is pretty basic, pretty animalistic, and not very pretty. And it’s sexiest when we, as writers, embrace those aspects. Make your sex real: make it dirty, and unapologetic, and fun. If you’re enjoying it, chances are your reader will, too.

Any other things you’d like to add, or comment on, or hear more about? Just ask below!

Ocean’s Touch Release Day! Win free books, huzzah!

Hello my friends!

Today’s a happy day…it’s the book birthday of Ocean’s Touch! Let’s all sing!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear supernatural smu-ut. Happy birthday to you!

Aww, I think Dylan’s blushing…

As of RIGHT NOW, you can purchase a digital copy of the book at Samhain or Amazon. Fun! You can also search inside at the Amazon site, and there’s a sexy sample chapter, here.

Now, any good birthday party isn’t fun without gift bags, right? In the online version of a gift bag, I’m going to run a giveaway. There will be FOUR winners (yes, four!)

The grand prize winner will win ANY FOUR digital Samhain publications ($5.50 and under, per book) of their choice. Yes, you choose!

The first runner up will win ANY THREE digital Samhain publications ($5.50 and under, per book) of their choice. Yes, you choose!

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The third runner up will win ANY ONE digital Samhain publication ($5.50 and under, per book) of their choice. Yes, you choose!

So how do you enter? Anyone can enter simply by commenting below, which earns you +1 entry. For more entries, write reviews! I’ll give you +10 entries for every review you post online (blogs, at Samhain, at Goodreads, at Amazon, etc). You can also earn +2 entries each for following me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook (if you’ve already done so, feel free to add those points, as well), and I’ll give you +2 entries for every time you advertise this contest (on your blog, on Twitter, FB, Tumblr, whatever!).

Nicole Peeler is running a very similar contest over at her blog, and feel free to double dip with all these entries. They’ll count at both sites!

To give everyone time to read and review, this contest will run until January 17th, 2010. I’ll announce the winner that WEDNESDAY, January 18th. But I’ll have some more things here before then, including some sneak peeks at the next book, Ocean’s Surrender.

I’m super excited to launch this series and see what y’all think! I hope you have has much fun reading them as I’ve had writing. See you back here soon!